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2018 SOCMA Legislative & Regulatory Calendar 
Updates to keep you on track with all the latest legislative and regulatory developments affecting the specialty chemical industry

CPSC | Commission Agenda and Priorities for FY 2019 | Public Hearing | April 11, 2018
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published a notice of public hearing and request for comments on the Commission’s agenda and priorities for fiscal year 2019. Specifically, CPSC seeks information on priorities that the Commission should emphasize and/or deemphasize, and rules that should be retrospectively reviewed. The public hearing will take place on April 11, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. in Bethesda, Maryland. 
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EPA | Draft Guidance on Expanded Access to TSCA CBI | Public Comment Deadline | April 16, 2018 
EPA has released three draft guidance documents for public comment clarifying the circumstances under which the Agency may disclose Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) confidential business information (CBI) with an expanded set of people. Last year’s TSCA amendments allow EPA, under certain conditions and when there is a need, to share TSCA CBI with: state, tribal, and local governments; environmental, health, and medical professionals; and emergency responders. Read more

OSHA's New Silica & Beryllium Rules| Webinar |April 17, 2018
OSHA’s struggles to reform its chemical exposure limits continue with the rocky roll-out of its two newest occupational exposure standards – Silica and Beryllium.  Both standards are currently under legal challenge, but will likely survive in some form resulting in a full panoply of new obligations, including significant reductions in the allowable concentrations of airborne exposure to these chemicals, and a comprehensive set of ancillary requirements, such as housekeeping, hygiene, medical surveillance, recordkeeping, workplace signage, training, etc.  This webinar will review everything employers need to know to ensure compliance with the Silica and Beryllium Standards. Read more

EPA | Alternative Testing Methods Draft Strategic Plan | Public Comment Deadline | April 26, 2018 
The US EPA has published its draft strategy for promoting the development and implementation of alternative test methods under the amended TSCA. The agency plans to implement new approach methodologies (NAMs) to reduce, refine or replace vertebrate animal testing by June 22, 2018. In the near-term, EPA will use NAMs for evaluating new chemicals and prioritizing existing ones. After three years, implementation will be ramped up further for prioritization as well as "quantitative risk evaluation". The draft strategy document that was recently published will also be discussed at an EPA public meeting in Washington, DC on 10 April 2018. Read more

EPA | TSCA Fees Rule | Public Comment Deadline | April 27, 2018 
EPA has published its proposed TSCA fees which are intended to help EPA defray 25 percent of the costs for the program. This includes costs associated with Section 4 test rules, test orders, and enforceable consent agreements, Section 5 review of new chemical and significant new use applications, and Section 6 risk evaluations. EPA anticipates collecting approximately $20 million in fees each year. The rule also proposes changes to the current threshold for threshold for entities defined as small businesses.
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About SOCMA Government Relations

SOCMA’s Government Relations staff acts as a voice for our members on Capitol Hill and in the many regulatory agencies, working to promote understanding of the impact of laws and regulations on the chemical industry's ability to compete in world markets. SOCMA influences proposed and pending laws and regulations by advocating sound science as the basis for regulation and by working to promote responsible alternatives to sometimes costly government actions.

SOCMA supports public policy initiatives that promote cost-effective pollution prevention, competitiveness and operational flexibility. We also support the public’s right to know about the benefits, safety and risks associated with our chemicals and will continue to ensure that information provided to the public does not conflict with national security obligations.

Our Government Relations staff is responsible for keeping members informed of relevant legislative initiatives and recommending appropriate actions to SOCMA’s Board of Governors. We regularly host programs and events, as well as develop products and services, to inform our members about legislative and regulatory developments and help their facilitate timely compliance. We encourage all SOCMA members to participate in Government Relations committees as a way to stay informed and involved in the legislative and regulatory issues that affect specialty chemical manufacturers. By participating in a committee our members have opportunities for professional development and leadership among their peers.

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