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Members of the Bulk Pharmaceuticals Task Force have a unique opportunity to express their voice in the generic drug community. Bringing that voice to the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the halls of the U.S. Congress helps make the drug supply chain safe throughout the globe. Working with companies like yours, members have the opportunity to network with other industry professionals in ways that will allow your company to become a leader in promoting drug supply chain safety and providing an industry voice to government regulators, legislators and community stakeholders.

Types of Membership

Any company that manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients or intermediates is eligible for BPTF membership. Companies with a business interest in these manufacturing activities are also eligible.

  • Active Membership is open to companies manufacturing APIs, excipients and intermediates for use in the pharmaceuticals industry. Active members are entitled to a seat on the board of directors and voting privileges. Representatives of active member companies may serve as officers on the board of directors and serve as leaders on committees. Annual dues for active members are based on prior year combined global sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.
  • Affiliate Members are companies that have interests in the business of active pharmaceutical ingredients or excipients but may not specifically produce or use active pharmaceutical ingredients or excipients. Affiliate members have the right to participate in all meetings, conference calls and Task Force events but will not have voting rights. Affiliate members can also offer their input on comments, position papers, or presentations the Task Force may prepare.

For additional information on the activities of the Bulk Pharmaceuticals Task Force, or about membership, please contact:

John DiLoreto
Executive Director
Bulk Pharmaceuticals Task Force
(301) 987-0924

Bulk Pharmaceuticals Task Force Members

Albemarle Corporation Fine Chemistry Services Division
AMPAC Fine Chemicals
Ash Stevens LLC

BASF Corporation
C2 PHARMA S.à r.l.
Chattem Chemicals Inc.
Copperhead Chemical Company Inc.
Dastech International Inc.

Polypeptide Laboratories
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John DiLoreto
Executive Director
(301) 987-0924