SOCMA Staff Visiting a Host of Member Companies

In the midst of attending the ChemStewards® Regional Roundtables at various locations across the country, SOCMA is taking the opportunity to visit member companies and prospects in those areas.

In an April visit to Greenville, SC, SOCMA President Larry Sloan and Communications and Public Relations Director Jenny Gaines stopped in for a brief visit with Ortec, Inc. ChemStewards Managing Director Dr. Holland Jordan, along with Sloan and Gaines, also had a more lengthy visit with company leaders at WeylChem.

During the visits, SOCMA updated company leaders on the association's programs and services and encouraged them, when they need assistance with anything, to call SOCMA first. Whether it's SOCMA's PMNPro® service, the ChemStewards Management Portal and its capabilites or how SOCMA's Public Relations efforts can help them, SOCMA reiterated the message that we are here to assist our members with whatever they may need.

SOCMA President Larry Sloan also made visits this week to member companies in Ohio, including GFS Chemicals, Inc., and Pilot Chemical.

Weylchem visit

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