BPSA’s 5th Annual Summit to Provide ‘2020 Vision’ for Single-Use Technologies

Summit topics to underscore emergence of single-use industry as ‘go-to’ platform in bioprocessing


Kevin Ott
Executive Director
(202) 721-4125

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA) is pleased to announce the 5th Annual International Single-Use Summit (ISUS 2015) will be held July 13-15, 2015, in Washington, D.C., with a primary focus on the promises and hurdles impacting the single-use-adoption growth curve.

From technical topics to business and regulatory presentations, ISUS 2015 will examine a variety issues that underscore the emergence of the single-use industry as the “go-to” platform in bioprocessing. The technical discussions, characterized as EPICSolutions TM, will speak to the “Big Five” influences bearing on the growth of single-use:  extractables, particulates, integrity, change notification and sustainability and provide context for all discussions in the 2015 program. 

“This unique coupling of technical and business topics is the key value for our 2015 program,” said John Boehm of CPC, Chairman of BPSA’s Board of Directors. “For component manufacturers, system integrators and users, risk-mitigation is the driver to accelerated adoption of single-use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We will address key technical topics in-depth, as well as provide context to the current business climate, inclusive of government initiatives, projected market growth and demographics. It’s going to be interesting and informative for all.”

Highlights from the program include:

  • Keynote speaker and author Ken Gronbach will discuss the “coming demographic storm” and its impact on global demand for goods, services, medicines and qualified technical personnel for the near and long term.
  • The National Health Council’s government affairs expert, Eric Gascho, will detail progress on congressional passage of the 21st Century Cures Act, intended to deliver hope to patients and families and bring the health-care innovation infrastructure into the 21st Century.
  • Former Massachusetts Senator and current Fox News commentator Scott Brown will share his perspective on the 2016 elections and the current FDA regulatory climate and how they may impact the pharmaceutical industries.
  • Patrick Evrard of GSK will speak to the utility of single-use systems and their approach to developing a vaccine for the Ebola virus, which has infected more than 25,000 victims and caused more than 10,000 fatalities in West Africa to date.
  • “Hot Topic” panels will focus on a variety of issues, from standardization and harmonization of user/suppler efforts, to the need for a universal approach to change notification and efforts toward the education and training of single-use laboratory and process talent, among others.

“With the 2015 Summit, we have again put together a program that will appeal to CEOs, quality directors, manufacturing VPs, single-use systems integrators and vaccine and biopharma providers” said Kevin Ott, Executive Director of BPSA.

BPSA also plans to release a new technical guide at ISUS 2015:  The 2015 BPSA Single-Use Manufacturing Component Quality Test Matrices, which will help users when making selections and facilitating qualification, validation and use of single-use products.

The event will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Georgetown in Washington, D.C.  The full Summit agenda, registration and hotel information can be viewed here or at

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