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SCD-iBIO serves the industrial biotechnology sector, which provides environmentally friendly, sustainable chemicals, and materials.

SCD-iBIO achieves its mission by:
  • Providing open and intimate forums for discussion of opportunities and trends that represent the full value chain from raw material suppliers to consumer brand companies;
  • Contributing to the development of industry terminology and metrics;
  • Fostering and promoting best practices in market development and commercial development;
  • Increasing awareness & acceptance of the importance & benefits of industrial biotechnology.


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What Members Are Saying…

“Right off the bat, SOCMA’s ChemStewards provides you with a template that shows you good practices that should be implemented across-the-board.  And the dialogue with other members and SOCMA staff is very valuable.  You would have to pay a lot of money to bring in that kind of expertise, but with SOCMA, it’s all a benefit of membership.”

Dave Hurder
Vice President
McGean Inc.