Association Management Services (AMS)

Association & Consortium Management Overview

Association Management Services (AMS), a division of SOCMA

Since the early 1970’s, SOCMA has been the focal point of action for over 50 affiliated trade associations, professional societies, and educational foundations, including a variety of chemical, special issue, and testing consortia (i.e. for TSCA Section 4, HPV). Association Management Services (AMS), a division of SOCMA, manages various separately funded, affiliated associations and consortia. They address specific chemical or process advocacy, regulatory, testing, stewardship, or technical issues that are of common concern or interest to a particular sector of the chemical industry. (i.e. chemical-specific or class of related chemicals or applications). The experience, history, and flexibility of AMS, is the perfect fit for the ever-changing demands of the chemical industry.

Currently the following organizations that are affiliates under SOCMA’s management are:

As affiliates of SOCMA, these groups are able to benefit from the collective SOCMA staff resources, management and expertise. Each group is managed independently with its own membership, budget and governance.

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For more information, or to inquire about forming a new association, please contact Dr. Tucker Helmes at (202) 721-4154.


C. Tucker Helmes, Ph.D.


C. Tucker Helmes, Ph.D.Dr. C. Tucker Helmes is Managing Director of SOCMA’s Association Management Services. In this capacity, he develops new consortia and oversees the management of affiliate associations.

As SOCMA’s longest–tenured staffer, Helmes serves as Executive Director of a number of affiliated associations, including the Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers (ETAD), Institute for Polyacrylate Absorbents, and Center for Baby and Adult Hygiene Products (BAHP), among others. He also manages a number of ad hoc testing consortia for various EPA test rules.

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