SOCMA Welcomes TSCA Reform Compromise

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Jenny Gaines
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Washington, D.C. – Another milestone has been reached in reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), as the House of Representatives and Senate agreed this week on final legislation, a move applauded by the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA).

SOCMA has been a key stakeholder in the TSCA reform effort for nearly 10 years, having testified numerous times before both the House and Senate on behalf of the specialty chemical sector. 

“SOCMA applauds the great work that has been done in both chambers, and at this rate, TSCA reform should soon become a reality,” said SOCMA President and CEO Lawrence D. Sloan. “After years of stalemates it is now abundantly clear that Congress is finally poised to modernize the manner in which chemicals in commerce are regulated.”

“We are pleased that Congress agreed with SOCMA that protecting American trade secrets and encouraging chemical innovation are worth fighting for by including provisions in this bill that would do so,” said SOCMA Vice President of Government and Public Relations William Allmond. “SOCMA particularly recognizes the leadership of Congressman John Shimkus for his steadfast commitment to balancing reform efforts with concerns raised by specialty chemical manufacturers, many of which are small businesses,” Allmond said.

Since 1921, SOCMA has represented a diverse membership of small, medium and large chemical companies located around the world.

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