A Closer Look into ChemStewards Performance Metrics

You can now upload your metrics to the ChemStewards Portal

An essential element of any environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) improvement program is the measure of existing and future performance, and capturing facility metrics year-to-year should be standard. 
What Is It?
ChemStewards® requires participants to report on a series of EHS&S metrics (quantitative performance measurements) that vary based on the level of participation. These metrics allow member companies to identify areas for improvement and enables them to track individual company and industrywide performance.
Why Is It Important?
ChemStewards is designed to help facilities optimize performance, save money and enhance their role as good corporate citizens. This program demonstrates continuous improvement with an overarching goal to support citizenship, trust and performance within communities in which they operate. As a mandatory requirement for SOCMA members engaged in the manufacturing or handling of synthetic and organic chemicals, ChemStewards is helping participants reach for superior EHS&S performance.
Who Does It?
As a condition of membership, each active SOCMA facility is committed to implement ChemStewards, which includes performance metrics.
Where/When Is It Done?
Every year ChemStewards members submit metrics to the ChemStewards Portal. This allows members to benchmark their data and develop goals for moving forward. Member data is not shared, but used only for creating SOCMA averages. These company-specific metrics allow members to use the data internally to better improve their systems and communicate within their departments. Measurable and quantitative data will not only outline a facility's EHS&S story but assist with continually improving systems and processes.

Depending on what tier level your facility is within ChemStewards, the following metrics are submitted and used to create SOCMA industry aggregates:

- Toxic Release Inventory
- OSHA Incidence Rate
- Process Safety Incidents
- Hazardous Waste Generation
- Employee Training 
- Product Stewardship
- Greenhouse Gas
How Is It Done?

  • Log in to the ChemStewards Portal using your unique user name and password.
  • The metrics section can be found in the left-hand menu navigation. Data entry for each metric is described in detail on the Metrics Guidance Document.
  • The portal allows you to create and download easy-to-read graphs that compare your facility’s performance to the SOCMA average.
  • ChemStewards Coordinators also can add employee access to the portal.
Need Help? Contact ChemStewards to learn more about how the portal can help you create visuals. Videos are also available in the “Help” section with step-by-step directions to make the most out of your experience.


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