SOCMA Welcomes AquAeTer

AquAeTer (Aqua (water) + Aer (air) + Terra (earth)) is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that has worked extensively in the chemical and related industries on a broad spectrum of environmental projects.  We have assisted over 100 members of the chemical industry and their representatives with all aspects of environmental engineering and management.  Our highly-experienced staff allows us to tailor teams specifically to a project and allows us to tackle tough problems that traditional engineering firms can’t solve.  Our team includes professional biologists, chemists, engineers, environmental scientists, geologists, hydrogeologists, and hydrologists.  Our professionals are recognized nationally and internationally in their areas of expertise, have received multiple honors and awards, and are frequently requested to provide expert opinions in these areas.  

AquAeTer finds practical, cost-effective solutions to today’s most challenging technical problems. We have developed unique chemical analyses, remediation systems, test procedures and sampling techniques to fit the unique problems of our clients.  Our experience includes permitting new plants and expansion of existing plants, design of multiport diffusers, wasteload allocations, human and ecological health risk assessments, unique emission source testing and ambient air testing, RCRA compliance, permitting and design, and CERCLA investigations.  We also have extensive litigation support experience in toxic tort cases where we have used forensic science for chemical fingerprinting and source identification.   We have a broad range of modeling experience including AERMOD, EFDC, WASP, QUAL2, MODFLOW, VISUAL PLUMES, CORMIX and we have performed Monte Carlo analyses.  

AquAeTer is a Federal small business and a Tennessee Certified Small Business Enterprise with professional staff located in Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, and Tennessee.  We have worked in all 50 states and in 20 foreign countries.

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