GFS Chemicals, Inc., Makes Enhancements in Manufacturing Quality of High-Purity Nitric Acid and Nitrate Salts


Jyothi Pisipati

Marketing Director
(740) 917-5925

– GFS Chemicals, Inc., announced today that it has upgraded the distillation process yielding a higher purity Reagent Grade nitric acid, which allows for more discrete lot selection for stringent customer requirements and a far superior baseline feedstock for all upstream nitrate salts and solutions.

GFS Chemicals, a leading provider of nitric acid for the U.S. market, has produced high-purity acid grades and a range of nitrates for nearly 90 years. The company's vertical integration allows it to consistently supply a wide array of compounds in a variety of purity and moisture levels. GFS' bulk quantity acids are packaged in composite drums with the added benefit of reduced weight and single-use function, eliminating handling and recycle challenges of stainless steel containers.
"Whether you use high-purity acid directly in your process, or you require bulk nitrate salts with low trace metal impurities, we have the experience, expertise and capacity to provide you with a secure, domestic supply of this critical product at the highest quality," said Rob Pierron, General Manager for the Inorganics Manufacturing Division at GFS.  

"Our customer base includes R&D labs, commercial scale producers, small manufacturers, as well as Fortune 100 companies across varied industries" Pierron said. "Our versatility and flexibility is what makes GFS a recognized name worldwide across industries for better chemistry. Let us know how we can earn your business today."

For more information on custom or bulk requirements, contact Robert Kramer (614) 224-5345, ext. 360, or visit

About GFS Chemicals

GFS Chemicals, Inc. is a third-generation, privately held small U.S. manufacturer of specialty and fine chemicals providing expertise since 1928. The corporate office and the ISO 9001-2008 certified production facilities are located in Columbus, OH. GFS Chemicals offers a proprietary portfolio of 8,000 discrete high-quality products available from small bottles to drum quantities in more than 40,000 configurations ranging from specialty organics, synthetic intermediates, high-purity inorganic salts, acids, reference materials, buffers and laboratory reagents.
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