Creating your Perfect Pitch for ChemStewards Networking Events

A skill every person needs for networking is a “pitch.” How to create the pitch, rehearse it, and tailor it for a specific audience are the keys to success. The story you quickly tell someone on your business card with the goal of securing additional information, a deal, a connection or favor, is your pitch.   

Continuing to update how to speak about your needs or desires is important. The ability to sum up unique aspects of your products or services in a way that will excite others is a rehearsed skill. You will be able to say who you are, what you do, what you are interested in doing and how you can be a resource for the listener. 

Many individuals pay little attention to continuing development of the “pitch” – for conversations it is the quick summary of your products or services. This is one of the most effective methods available to reach new opportunities, gain best practices and explain your business in a winning message. Many refer to an elevator speech, since in most cases, they are not in an elevator, even if your meeting is planned event, or you are holding a sit-down event, you should be prepared to capture your audience’s attention quickly. This meeting might happen in an elevator, in a meeting room, by the water cooler, or the hotel lobby – who knows! And the question becomes, “What will you say to engage in a conversation to meet new individuals? How will you take advantage of the opportunity?”  

If you are not prepared, or don’t have a perfect pitch now, when will you? When crafting the perfect pitch think about your ultimate goal. Continually perfect multiple pitches to ensure you can always put your best foot forward when you are meeting individuals or reengaging with previous industry groups. 

1. Know your audience 
2. Know yourself 
3. Outline the introduction/message 
4. Finalize the pitch 

A successful pitch is where the other person relaxes and says, “Interesting…Tell me more.” The best times to unleash a pitch are when you and your opportunity are in captive environments such as an elevator, in line, or conferences and networking events, where you will be taking the listener away from something else. 

An ideal perfect pitch is approximately 90 to 130 words or eight to 12 sentences. There are some key areas to avoid – focusing on yourself, using technical jargon, and bragging about your company.   

Include your name, profession, company name and description of your business’s products and services.  Given the social media connections on the internet, LinkedIn and directories, this makes it easier for the listener to find you online. 

It is important to remember that you’re in a conversation with another person, so be prepared to pause, be flexible and remember to engage them. “How you deliver a pitch is often more important than what you say in a pitch.” Before writing your examples think of your target audience. You will be much more likely to succeed. Define your interests for the event or what you plan to gain from the session, what opportunities you would like to identify, new practices, and possible best practices to share with the group. 

Key Topics to review:
1. What are your key areas of expertise?   
2. What adjectives describe yourself?   
3. Why are you looking to engage?    
4. Do you have a specific interest to gain information from the company or person you are speaking to? 

Outline the talk:
1. Who am I? (Introduce yourself – full name; company)  
2. Who is my target audience? (Who are the people, demographics you’re seeking to engage with at the session?) 
3. Differentiator/Passion - What do I offer for your target audience? (Describe the specific benefits, results or problems you solve  
4. What and how can I learn and gain knowledge to return to my location? 

Once you have the outline of your materials, review the “Things to Avoid” and finalize your perfect pitches. I hope to meet you at SOCMA's National Chemical Safety Symposium – hosted by ChemStewards®, October 11-12, in Houston, TX. Perfecting multiple pitches for the National Chemical Safety Symposium can provide tremendous value to you personally and your organization.   

Learn more about the Symposium and registration for the early bird discount here.

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