EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Headlines List of Committee Week Speakers

October 28, 2013

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is set to visit with SOCMA’s  Environment Committee Thursday during the association’s annual Committee Week. She is one of several high-level regulatory officials who oversee programs that impact the specialty chemical industry who will be speaking to SOCMA committees this week.

McCarthy is making her second consecutive trip to SOCMA, having addressed the Environment Committee last year when she was head of the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation. During last year’s visit, McCarthy demonstrated that she was familiar with issues impacting specialty chemical manufacturers and held a productive, interactive dialogue with SOCMA members. 

Having McCarthy return to the meeting is a good opportunity for SOCMA members to again collaborate with EPA on environmental issues that impact the specialty chemical industry and to learn more about her priorities for the next three years.

Gina McCarthy“SOCMA is grateful that Administrator McCarthy is returning this year,” said Bill Allmond, Vice President of Government and Public Relations. “How effective we are at addressing issues of mutual concern with any agency is almost always dependent upon regular communication with those governing these agencies,” he said. “Specialty chemical manufacturers activate economic growth, so it is highly important that SOCMA maintains a positive working relationship with government regulators who, like Gina McCarthy, appreciate our responsibility to both the economy and the environment.”

Joining McCarthy for the Environment Committee meeting will be Janet McCabe, Acting Assistant Administrator of the Office of Air and Radiation, who succeeded McCarthy when she was appointed administrator of the EPA.

Other notable officials set to speak to SOCMA’s Chemical Risk Management and Safety and Security Committees this week include:

  • Doug Parsons – EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT)
  • Bridget Williams, EPA Design for the Environment Program
  • Scott Sherlock, Attorney Advisor, Environmental Assistance Division, EPA OPPT
  • Jessica Schifano, JD, MPH Health Scientist, Directorate of Standards and Guidance, OSHA
  • David Wulf, Director, Infrastructure Security Compliance Division, Department of Homeland Security
  • Larry Stanton, Director, EPA Office of Emergency Management
  • Lisa Long, Lead for Executive Order 13650, OSHA
  • Daniel Horowitz, Managing Director, Chemical Safety Board

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