SOCMA Member / Guest Golf Tournament

Tournament Photos

2010 Photo Library

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Sold Out Crowd at SOCMAs Golf Tournament (L R) SOCMA President, Larry Sloan and Board Chair, Larry Brotherton talk with golfers before the tournament
Players mingle before the start of the tournament Players head out in light rain, but end the day with sunshine
Andy Harris, Syrgis at SOCMAs Golf Tournament Practicing putting before the tournament starts, sponsored by GFS Chemicals Inc.
Hole sponsored by member company, Syrgis A foursome on the green
Teammates watching as the ball nears the hole Lining up for a putt
A beautiful day for golfing at the Chester Valley Golf Club Hole sponsored by member company, Ortec, Inc.
Teeing off at a hole sponsored by member company, Albemarle Corporation Fine Chemistry Watching a teammate putt
Playing on greens many champions have played on before Players tee off at the Saltigo sponsored hole
Practice swing in front of the club house Working hard on the difficult course at Chester Valley Golf Club
1st place team player, Charlie Hinnant, helping his team to victory 1st place team, Charlie Hinnant, Dan Hughes, Tim Kenny and Harry Hill

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