SOCMA's Chemical Operator Training Manual

Chemical Operator Training Manual

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SOCMA’s Operator Training Manual
Online Version Now Available!

SOCMA has added an on-line version of the very successful Operator Training Manual to its stable of EHS&S tools. In addition to the PDF version, EHS&S professionals may now utilize this web-based training tool. Advantages include:

  • Secure individual user log-in
  • Built–in lesson plans
  • Full access to SOCMA’s COT manual content
  • Built-in testing
  • Flexible training format
  • Ability to add company training materials

SOCMA’s Chemical Operator Training Manual provides an extensive amount of materials (PowerPoint Presentations, testing materials, lessons plans, etc.) It serves as a great resource for guidance of systems, practices and processes. If your facility is required to be certified under Process Safety Management (PSM) the Operator Training Manual assists with OSHA compliance.

Features of the Operator Training Manual:

  • No customization necessary - Adaptable to your facility
  • Excellent resource for guidance systems, practices and processes
  • Assists in OSHA compliance if certified under Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Chapter titles:

    • Basic Safety
    • Basic Skills: Mathematics/Chemistry/Energy Conversion
    • Process Safety Management
    • Basic Skills II: Property, Pressure, Temperature, Vapor/Liquid
    • Unit Operations
    • Plant Economics
    • Environmental Operations
    • Reactor Systems
    • Reactor Operations
    • Plant Equipment
    • Utilities
    • Reactor Auxiliary Equipment
    • Control Systems
    • OSHA Safety Compliance
  • Each chapter includes lesson plans, testing materials and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Great way to improve a facility’s operations 

COST – Online Version:
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Schools – $995 for materials plus $79/month*, additional costs may apply for updates

COST – PDF or Hard Copy Versions:
SOCMA Members – Free to download chapters online, $350 for a hard copy, free annual updates
Industry Non-Members – $1,995 for materials, additional costs may apply for updates
Schools – $995 for materials, $350 for a hard copy, additional costs may apply for updates

*$79/month provides access for up to 25 individual users.

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