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Mission, Vision & Strategic Directions


SOCMA speaks for and serves batch, custom and specialty chemical companies which make products essential to the life, health and well-being of people everywhere.  SOCMA achieves its mission by:

  • Accelerating the potential for member growth and strengthening members’ business and operations
  • Increasing public confidence in the chemical industry
  • Positively influencing the passage of rational laws and regulations


SOCMA is the recognized voice of the batch, custom and specialty chemical industry. SOCMA strives to enable safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible operations which are internationally competitive and contribute to a healthy, productive economy.




What Members Are Saying…

"ChemStewards® has provided and implemented an excellent tool kit for ChemStewards® Management Systems that is very user friendly with lots of how-tos.  ChemStewards staff offer a quick response when contacted.  Bottom line, ChemStewards® is an extension of EHS&S and a value to systems support."

Sun Chemical