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J. Steel Hutchinson, President & CEO, GFS Chemicals, Inc.

1st Vice Chair
Charles (Chuck) Bennett, CEO, Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.

2nd Vice Chair/ Treasurer
David Doles, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Sourcing, Lonza, Inc.

Gene Williams, President, Optima Chemical Group, LLC

Member At Large
Mike Ott, President & CEO, Polysciences, Inc.

Immediate Past Chair
Dave Hurder, Vice President of Operations and Specialty Chemicals, McGean Inc.

Class of 2014

Brian Denison, Vice President, Operations & HSE, Emerald Performance Materials, LLC

Casey Borowski, President & CEO TM Chemicals Limited Partnership

Craig Huffman, Director, Safety Services, Ashland, Inc.

Ephraim Honig, Chief Operating Officer, Strem Chemicals, Inc.

Kate Donahue, President, Hampford Research, Inc.

Class of 2015

Daniele Piergentili, Vice President, Pharma Ingredients & Services, BASF Corporation

David Fortune, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, KMCO

David Mielke, President & CEO, ChemDesign Products, Inc.

Jay Dickson, President, Nation Ford Chemical Company

Class of 2016

Andy Harris, CEO, Accella Performance Materials

John Foley, Vice President/General Manager North America, Solvay, Inc. - Novecare

Keith B. Terhune, Vice President, Supply Chain, Chemicals & Industrial Services, Baker Hughes Inc.