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J. Steel Hutchinson, President & CEO, GFS Chemicals, Inc.

1st Vice Chair
Charles (Chuck) Bennett, CEO, Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.

2nd Vice Chair/ Treasurer
David Doles, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Sourcing, Lonza, Inc.

Gene Williams, President, Optima Chemical Group, LLC

Member At Large
Mike Ott, President & CEO, Polysciences, Inc.

Immediate Past Chair
Dave Hurder, Vice President of Operations and Specialty Chemicals, McGean Inc.

Class of 2015

Daniele Piergentili, Vice President, Pharma Ingredients & Services, BASF Corporation

David Fortune, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, KMCO

David Mielke, President & CEO, ChemDesign Products, Inc.

Jay Dickson, President, Nation Ford Chemical Company

Class of 2016

Andy Harris, CEO, Accella Performance Materials

John Foley, Vice President/General Manager North America, Solvay, Inc. - Novecare

Keith B. Terhune, Vice President, Supply Chain, Chemicals & Industrial Services, Baker Hughes Inc.

Tom Becker, President & CEO, Iofina Chemical Inc.

Class of 2017

Brian Carter, Vice President, Fine Chemistry Services, Albemarle Corporation

Casey Borowski, President & CEO TM Chemicals Limited Partnership

Ephraim Honig, Chief Operating Officer, Strem Chemicals, Inc.

Kate Donahue, President, Hampford Research, Inc.

Paul Ameis, COO, VanDeMark Chemical