Executive Office

Jennifer Abril, President and CEO


Industry Development and Strategic Partnerships
Paul Hirsh, Senior Vice President, Industry Development and Strategic Partnerships
Owen Jappen, Senior Manager, Industry Relations and Strategic Partnerships
Joe Dettinger, Senior Director, Compliance & Stewardship
Emylyn Noma, Manager, Compliance and Stewardship

Association Management Services
David Wawer, Senior Vice President, Association Management Services
Tatiana Letcheva, Manager, AMS Operations

Legal and Government Relations
Robert Helminiak, Vice President, Legal and Government Relations
Jared Rothstein, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Matthew Moedritzer, Manager, Legal and Government Relations

Communications and Engagement
Jenny Gaines, Senior Director, Communications and Engagement
Amber Thichangthong, Senior Manager, Communications and Engagement

Finance and Operations

David Knoch, Senior Director, Information Technology
Michelle Cartwright, Senior Manager, Accounting
Sandra Lehrer, Senior Manager, Meetings and Programs
Caron Turner, Assistant Manager, Database Management
Samantha Floyd, Office Coordinator

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