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2018 SOCMA Legislative & Regulatory Calendar 
Updates to keep you on track with all the latest legislative and regulatory developments affecting the specialty chemical industry

TSCA Inventory Reset Reporting | Reporting Deadline | February 7, 2018 
Chemical manufacturers and importers must notify the agency of substances they have made or imported within the past decade and specifies the form and content of this reporting (82 Fed. Reg. 37,520, Aug. 11, 2017) by Feb. 7, 2018. This regulation covers subvstances used in commerce within the 10-year period before the June 22, 2016, enactment of the Lautenberg Act. Notification is optional for processors, but those that choose to notify the agency of substances must do so by Oct. 5, 2018, on CDX Form A. If processors report, then, even if they are not processing at the time, they can begin w/o reporting and waiting 90 days. Read more in Bloomberg BNA's EHS Quarterly Review Third Quarter 2017 

Unlock the Mysteries of OSHA's Lockout/Tagout Standard | Webinar | February 20, 2018 
OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout (Energy Control) Standard is always one of OSHA’s most frequently cited standards, and with the “Amputations National Emphasis Program” continuing into 2018, as well as LOTO violations continuing to be considered “high emphasis hazards” that qualify employers into the Severe Violator Enforcement Program, it is critical for employers to get Lockout/Tagout right.  While LOTO continues to be an important standard, it also continues to be one of the least understood.  This webinar will highlight the most frequently cited aspects of the LOTO rule, explain some of the most misunderstood provisions of the rule, and forecast some potential changes to the rule and OSHA’s enforcement of it. Read more

Comments on CFATS Personnel Surety Program | Public Comment Deadline | February 28, 2018 
The Department of Homeland Security is requesting comments on the attached Information Collection Request (ICR) related to the update of its Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Personnel Surety Program (PSP). The ICR describes DHS’s intent to extend to Tier 3 and 4 high-risk CFATS facilities the PSP obligation to do background checks for potential terrorist ties.  The ICR also describes the categories of respondents, the estimated hourly burden, and the estimated financial cost for implementation of the CFATS PSP. Comments on DHS’s submission are due February 26, 2018.

OSHA's New Leadership Team | Webinar | March 20, 2018
The Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA and the rest of the Leadership Team in OSHA’s national office in Washington, DC turned over the keys to the Trump Administration.  The Trump Administration has now installed its own OSHA Leadership Team, and the backgrounds and regulatory philosophy between the outgoing and new decision makers and policymakers at OSHA could not be more different. This webinar will review the new appointees who have taken the reins at OSHA, and discuss how this new Leadership Team will affect the OSHA enforcement and regulatory landscape.

About SOCMA Government Relations

SOCMA’s Government Relations staff acts as a voice for our members on Capitol Hill and in the many regulatory agencies, working to promote understanding of the impact of laws and regulations on the chemical industry's ability to compete in world markets. SOCMA influences proposed and pending laws and regulations by advocating sound science as the basis for regulation and by working to promote responsible alternatives to sometimes costly government actions.

SOCMA supports public policy initiatives that promote cost-effective pollution prevention, competitiveness and operational flexibility. We also support the public’s right to know about the benefits, safety and risks associated with our chemicals and will continue to ensure that information provided to the public does not conflict with national security obligations.

Our Government Relations staff is responsible for keeping members informed of relevant legislative initiatives and recommending appropriate actions to SOCMA’s Board of Governors. We regularly host programs and events, as well as develop products and services, to inform our members about legislative and regulatory developments and help their facilitate timely compliance. We encourage all SOCMA members to participate in Government Relations committees as a way to stay informed and involved in the legislative and regulatory issues that affect specialty chemical manufacturers. By participating in a committee our members have opportunities for professional development and leadership among their peers.

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