Trade Committee

The chemical industry is the largest exporting industry in the U.S and is the only U.S. industry to have a consistent trade surplus since the 1950s. The chemical industry relies on the opening of new markets to continue its growth and SOCMA members are increasingly looking to Latin America, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay for these opportunities. SOCMA's strategy includes working with the United States Trade Representatives (USTR) on negotiations and providing input to USTR through the chemical Industry Trade Advisory Committee (ITAC-3), which was established to ensure that U.S. trade policies and negotiation objectives adequately reflect U.S. commercial and economic interests. SOCMA also works with congressional leaders and the current administration to provide input on how current polices directly affect our members.

The Trade Committee is charged with promoting fair and favorable trade policies that allow SOCMA members to produce, import and export goods competitively in the global market. The guiding principle of this committee is to advocate the passage of rational laws and regulations that allow members to operate in a productive manner as good corporate citizens.

SOCMA's committees provide an invaluable service by advising on an extensive range of subjects and issues that aid the Board of Governors in the decision-making process.


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