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SOCMA’s 96th Annual Meeting and Dinner

December 4, 2017

Crowne Plaza Manhattan
New York, NY

Have you heard? SOCMA is moving in a new direction. We invite you to join us December 4 at the Crowne Plaza Manhattan in New York for our Annual Meeting and Member Dinner to learn more about this exciting path forward. This year’s Annual Meeting features a new format that kicks off with a networking lunch, followed by a series of meetings focusing on each of SOCMA’s new sectors. As we embark on this new direction, the Annual Meeting is a perfect time to share your insight and thoughts on how we can best position SOCMA to better serve your company. Throughout the event there will also be fun and creative activities to celebrate the innovative spirit of our members and the specialty chemical industry. Invite your VIP customers and colleagues and make your plans today to join us in New York for this groundbreaking event!

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