SOCMA Events Provide Opportunities for Members to Network, Improve Business

By Jenny Gaines, Assistant Manager, Public Relations & Media

SOCMA Booth at InformexWhile SOCMA has held a myriad of events throughout its 90-year history, there is one major event the association is probably most noted for: INFORMEX.

Although SOCMA sold the show six years ago, it was a source of pride for more than 20 years because the trade show was conceived and developed by the industry, for the industry.

Next week, SOCMA staff will be heading to New Orleans to participate in the four-day event, as they do each year.

INFORMEX started out in 1985 in Atlanta as a small event where each company was given a 6-foot table, a couple of chairs and a company sign, according to Diane McMahon, SOCMA’s former Vice President of Business Operations who worked closely with the INFORMEX Committee of SOCMA members after joining SOCMA in 1989...

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Celebrating the Past
with an Eye toward the Future

By Christine Sanchez, Sr. Manager, Public Relations & Media

Ninety years ago this fall, 65 organic chemical manufacturers joined a newly formed trade association to advance their shared goals of ensuring the establishment of a permanent synthetic organic chemical industry in the U.S.

They called their organization the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) and based it in New York. Together, the founding members set out to forge close relations with U.S. government agencies, promote the highest scientific and business standards and support manufacturing of their products. The group also worked to influence the passage of laws impacting the industry and eventually moved their office to the nation’s capital.

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Dave Hurder
Chair, SOCMA Board of Governors

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Lawrence D. Sloan
SOCMA President & CEO

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From our Chairman

"McGean has been a member of SOCMA for 13 years. We became a member of SOCMA because as a trade association, SOCMA provided better value relative to the alternatives. I am currently a former member and chair of the Performance Improvement Committee and was a member of the Performance Improvement Program Committee during the development and implementation of ChemStewards®.

SOCMA membership has provided visibility to our company within the industry, which has resulted in increased business opportunities. SOCMA provides ample opportunities for members to be involved in the association and influence how the association supports its members and the industry in general.

SOCMA’s change in scope from being the association for only the specialty organic chemical manufacturers to all types of batch manufacturing is a good example of how the association has adapted to changes in the industry.

My fondest memories are getting to know and work with peers in the industry and various SOCMA staff members.

Congratulations are due for remaining relevant to the industry for 90 years, and I encourage the association to adapt in the future to remain valuable to its members for another 90 years."

- Dave Hurder, Chair of SOCMA's Board of Governors and Vice President of McGean Inc.

Moments in History

From the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers' Association, Constitution, Article I, Name and Objects, October 28, 1921:

"This Association is the result of the unusual conditions existing throughout the world in the field of organic chemical manufacture, and the recognition of the necessity of cooperation between American producers of all organic chemicals in order to insure the permanent establishment of a complete organic chemical industry in the United States."

Best Wishes

"I joined American Chemistry Council in the fall of 2008. During my tenure at ACC, I have valued the close working relationship our organization has with SOCMA. Over the past few years, the chemical industry has faced significant challenges in holding back destructive regulations that would harm our global competitiveness and the collaboration between SOCMA and ACC has been critical to advancing the priorities of the U.S. chemical industry. The GlobalChem conference, jointly sponsored by SOCMA and ACC, provides a valuable service to our members by bringing together government officials and industry representatives to discuss emerging issues. I congratulate SOCMA on its 90th anniversary, and I look forward to strengthening our partnership to better serve the U.S. chemical industry."

- Cal Dooley,
President and CEO, American Chemistry Council

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SOCMA by the Numbers

1921 – Year SOCMA was founded

1924-1925; 1926-1945 – Years Dr. August Merz served as Board of Governors Chairman

400 – Attendance at the 2010 SOCMA Annual Dinner

32 – Total number of 2010 Performance Improvement Award winners

78 – Total number of SOCMA's products and services

23 – Years that employee Dr. Tucker Helmes has worked with SOCMA

2009 – Year SOCMA changed its name

95 – Percent of facilities in compliance with ChemStewards

1984 – Year SOCMA founded the INFORMEX Trade Show

2005 – Year ChemStewards was launched

SOCMA’s 90th Annual Dinner and Annual Membership Meeting

December 5, 2011
Marriott Marquis Times Square
New York, NY

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Longtime Members

The following companies are longtime SOCMA members, with at least 20-25 years of membership.

  • • Aceto Corporation
  • • Austin Chemical Company Inc.
  • • Boulder Scientific
  • • Daicel (U.S.A.) Inc.
  • • Evonik Degussa Corporation
  • • SACHEM, Inc.
  • • SST Corporation
  • • VanDeMark Chemical Inc..

Founding Members

The following companies were charter members who joined the association when SOCMA was founded in October 1921:

  • • Abbott Laboratories
  • • Beaver Manufacturing Company
  • • Chemical Company of America
  • • The Dow Chemical Company
  • • Essex Aniline Works, Inc.
  • • Fries Brothers

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