SOCMA Visits with Member Companies Harrell Industries, Archroma and Nation Ford Chemical

 SOCMA's Brittany Mountjoy tours Nation Ford Chemical Company.

SOCMA's Jenny Gaines and Brittany Mountjoy recently visited member companies Harrell Industries, Archroma and Nation Ford Chemical in a visit to North and South Carolina.

The first stop was at Harrell Industries where we met with company President Rick Pugh and Project Manager Dick Edwardson. SOCMA also met with the Global Marketing Team at Archroma and the leadership team at Nation Ford Chemical, including company President Jay Dickson, who serves on the SOCMA Board of Governors.

During each visit we provided an overview of SOCMA's programs and services, including ChemStewards, Government Relations, Public Relations and Media, and our Association Management Services, and then facilitated a discussion on what our members need from SOCMA and how we can better serve their needs.

If you would like a member of the SOCMA staff to visit your company, contact us at (202) 721-4100.

 Members of the Nation Ford Chemical leadership team host SOCMA at their Fort Mill, SC, facility.




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