BPSA Sustainability Committee Hosts Tour of Conshohocken Energy-From-Waste Facilities

The Bio-Process Systems Alliance (BPSA) Sustainability Committee, chaired by Mark Petrich of Merck & Co., Inc., hosted a tour of the Covanta waste-to-energy facility in Conshohocken, PA, on March 28. This is the first of what the committee hopes is a series of tours in 2017-2018. Covanta hosted 24 attendees from six BPSA member companies: AdvantaPure/NewAge Industries, Burkert, GE, High Purity New England, ILC Dover, and Merck. Tad Radzinski, President of Sustainable Solutions, BPSA’s Sustainability consultant, attended with several of his staff, and BPSA was represented by Kevin Ott and Jeanette McCool.

Covanta’s Motto: “. . . we ensure that no waste is ever wasted.”

The tour kicked off with a Covanta presentation outlining their energy-from-waste facility’s operations, followed by a spirited Q&A session that had to be stopped to allow time for the tour. The facility’s scale of operations was staggering. The tour included the full process flow including the “tipping floor,” steam generation, electric power generation, metals recovery, ash management, and exhaust gas treatment.

Ken Baker, CEO of AdvantaPure/NewAge Industries, gave a short talk after the tour about sustainability initiatives at his company (Southampton, PA). Solar energy, LED lighting, and capacitor banks were some of the features highlighted.

Future BPSA tour events will be announced via the website. All employees of member companies are welcome to participate in BPSA events.
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