Safety First Priority for SOCMA Members During Hurricane

SOCMA staying apprised of developments, sharing helpful information

SOCMA's thoughts and best wishes are with our member companies in Texas and Louisiana that are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The Category 4 hurricane made landfall in Texas Friday and has continued to pound the area with excessive rainfall, causing extreme flooding and damage that has shut down businesses and schools and driven many families from their homes. 

We have remained in contact with our members throughout the storm, and we commend their efforts to ensure safety at their facilities and in their communities. 

SOCMA Board of Governors member John Foley, CEO of KMCO, LLC, in Crosby, TX, posted the following report on LinkedIn:

  • "Our preparation and continued focus remains squarely on ensuring the safety of our team members and other stakeholders along with protecting the environment. I'm proud of how our teams at all our sites are responding and supporting each other in this challenging time - even as they must also take care of their homes and families. Let's hope the storm clears soon - and we can resume building our future together..."

Foley also reported that members of his team headed to the local Crosby, TX, community center to see how KMCO could help its neighbors. They then secured and delivered needed supplies.

Texas Mollecular in Deer Park, TX, has been impacted by the storm as well. Here is what Texas Molecular President Frank Marine shared about how his company has fared during this time:

  • "Our facility was minimally impacted. We never lost power. We accepted loads on Saturday to help clients reduce their water inventories. We remained in operation throughout the weekend to manage and inject the greater than 1 million gallons of rain water we had in our tank containment areas. We have resumed acceptance of commercial waste loads today to assist our clients with their accumulated rain water and regular waste waters. Our biggest challenge is the flooding of most of the interstate highways that lead to our plant which has led to the inability of some customers and their transporters to get to our facility. We are hopeful that these roads will drain sufficiently in the next few days to open the impacted highways.

    "One factor that is touching a lot of people is getting some water in their homes to force evacuation and relocation. There are many who have their houses close to totally underwater. This problem will persist in the Houston area as many rivers have yet to crest." 

SOCMA member Ashland has shut down its Texas City, TX, facility due to the hurricane. Company officials shared this report with SOCMA:

  • "Ashland’s manufacturing facility in Texas City, TX, was safely shut down over the weekend due to the hurricane. All 180 employees are safe and accounted for. Due to the continued heavy rains and flooding in the area, it’s premature to estimate how much time will be needed to complete clean up and recovery efforts so that the plant can safely re-open and production operations can restart." 

SOCMA is committed to supporting our members affected by the hurricane, and we are keeping apprised of developments in the area through daily briefings with government agencies.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have provided a host of helpful links that could be useful during this time. 

Web Links for Harvey

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We will continue to pass along pertinent information as we receive it. Please let us know if there is anything further SOCMA can do to be of assistance to your company during this time. 

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