InChem Focuses On Customer Responsiveness

InChem is intensifying its focus on customer responsiveness as it continues to grow its custom, contract and toll manufacturing business nationwide. InChem manufactures a wide range of custom and specialty chemicals for many of the world’s leading chemical companies as well as smaller enterprises in need of a responsive, cost-effective partner.

While making safety and environmental stewardship its top priority, InChem leverages its extensive chemical manufacturing and problem-solving expertise to provide responsive solutions for every customer. With chemical processing plants in Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill and Duncan, SC, InChem offers flexible backup, risk minimization and easy access to multiple Interstates.

Services include contract and toll manufacturing; problem-solving expertise; high-temperature, high-viscosity processes; chemical process development; thin film distillation; scale-up and pilot plant; chemical blending; supply chain and logistics.

InChem also is distinctive in its confidentiality and integrity. Any discoveries made in working on a customer problem become the property of the customer at no additional charge.

InChem is often able to custom-manufacture products for substantially less money and considerably faster, whether customers have their own formulas and processes for InChem to follow, or have a desired end product needing a manufacturing process solution.

Contact InChem at 1-800-331-7721 or visit to learn more.

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