Frequently Asked Questions About SOCMA's ChemStewards® Program

1. What is the ChemStewards program?

ChemStewards is an adaptable environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) program that promotes continuous performance improvement in batch chemical manufacturing. The program offers a three-tiered approach to participation: Tier 1 - Fundamentals, Tier 2 - Enhanced Performance and Tier 3 - Excellence.

Each Tier consists of:

  • A Set of Core Principles
  • Third-Party Verified Management System
  • Metrics
  • Security

The details of each level vary based on the Tier.  All Active Category SOCMA members participate in the program.

2. What are the requirements of the ChemStewards program?
All three tiers levels require adherence to a set of core principles, in addition to security, metrics and a verifiable management system.

3. Why is performance improvement part of SOCMA membership?
For the last 15 years, SOCMA members have been committed to continuously updating and adapting their EHS&S programs to reflect recent technologies and processes.  Members' commitment to continuous improvement is real.

4. How is the program administered?
After the company's initial orientation, it becomes the responsibility of the designated ChemStewards Coordinator to follow the implementation schedule. SOCMA provides guidance and outreach to all of its members and will provide individual assistance to members as requested.

5. Is this program a requirement for membership in SOCMA?
Yes. Participation in a performance improvement program is a mandatory requirement for Active Category SOCMA members, as defined in SOCMA's bylaws.

6. How does SOCMA enforce its program?
SOCMA members must implement a performance improvement program as per SOCMA's bylaws. SOCMA has always had a performance improvement review process in place to ensure that members meet their obligations. Members who do not meet their performance improvement obligations risk having their membership terminated.

7. My company carries out Responsible Care® . Do I also need to participate in SOCMA's program?
Alternative programs meeting the ChemStewards requirements are accepted to meet the EHS&S membership requirements. Contact the ChemStewards Department for more details. SOCMA's main number is (571) 348-5100.

8. Who can I call for more information on ChemStewards?
SOCMA's ChemStewards Department can answer any questions regarding the ChemStewards program. SOCMA's main number is (571) 348-5100.

The ChemStewards Team is available to assist our members with any questions regarding the ChemStewards program and performance improvement.


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