Specialty Chemical Industry Fly-In

SOCMA invites you to join us in Washington, D.C., to promote the interests of the specialty chemical industry. SOCMA’s upcoming Specialty Chemical Industry Fly-In will be held June 5–6, 2018.

At last year’s Fly-In, SOCMA took a new approach that was extremely well received. The Fly-In had two segments with dual approaches. The first half of the day was meetings with your specific Congressmen and Senators, while the second part of the day was focused on meeting with congressional committees. Those that work on the committees are generally the “policy wonks” that develop and fine tune legislation; they have the most in-depth knowledge of legislation and policy issues. Additionally, this year we are adding a third component, meetings with federal agency staff such as EPA and USTR.

Under this new approach, we will have three distinct opportunities to impact policy in D.C. First, during our face-to-face meetings with lawmakers, we will tell real-world stories to illustrate how specialty chemical businesses positively contribute to the economy and our standard of living. We will teach our Congressmen about the specialty chemical industry and what makes our voice uniquely important.

The second opportunity is with congressional committees, and the third opportunity is with agency staff; both will allow us to directly influence the future direction of policies affecting our industry. Committee and agency meetings will provide a powerful forum to shape the implementation of TSCA, the reauthorization of CFATS, the passage of tariff relief legislation, and other policies that affect the bottom-line of your business.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the specialty chemical industry to speak as one voice and tell its story, so come join us!

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