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Environment Committee

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The Environment Committee focuses on a wide range of issues, including hazardous waste, regulatory reform, water rules, air regulations and record keeping reporting. The committee is actively involved in sponsoring educational workshops and influencing regulatory rule makings. The committee also oversees the implementation of the Pollution Prevention components of ChemStewards. Committee members work with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop comments on rulemakings, develop alternatives to the current regulatory structure, create compliance guidance manuals, and host workshops on environmental issues. The Committee also works with EPA's SectorStrategies program to facilitate progress on a host of regulatory environmental issues.

SOCMA's committees provide an invaluable service by advising on an extensive range of subjects and issues that aid the Board of Governors in the decision-making process.

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“SOCMA has had an extraordinary impact on the success of our business. There is no doubt that without SOCMA we definitely would not be as successful as we are today. The organization is an invaluable resource. We don’t part with dues dollars lightly, but believe every dollar spent with SOCMA has provided immeasurable returns.”

Jim DeLisi
Fanwood Chemical