2016 Regional Roundtables Recap

Hosted by ChemStewards®

2016 Regional RoundtablesGreenville, SC
April 26, 2016

Philadelphia, PA
May 3, 2016

Cleveland, OH
May 11, 2016

Houston, TX
June 22, 2016

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SOCMA held four successful ChemStewards Regional Roundtables in 2016 in Greenville, SC, Philadelphia, PA, Cleveland, OH, and Houston, TX. The Roundtables were well-attended across all venues, with an average of 25 attendees at each location.

The 2016 ChemStewards Roundtables focused on helping members improve performance at their facilities. Presentations and discussions covered topics like Performance Improvement Awards best practices, leading vs. lagging indicators, near-miss programs and managing third-party audits, among others.

Representatives from AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety shared information about the Vision 20/20 program, which looks into the not-too-distant future to demonstrate what perfect process safety will look like when it is championed by industry; driven by five tenets of culture, standards, competency, management systems and lessons learned; and enhanced by community passion and four global societal themes.

The afternoon discussion, led by SOCMA President and CEO Larry Sloan, focused on plant operational excellence. SOCMA members had an opportunity to share insight on key performance indicators, internal plant communications, reward systems and other key topics that impact their facility.

The Roundtables also provided an opportunity for SOCMA staff to sit down with attendees from our member companies who do not typically receive SOCMA communications and help them better understand what the association can do for them through their membership.

Thank you to all of our participants, especially McGean, which once again allowed SOCMA to use its conference room for the meeting in Cleveland.  

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In the last six months, the Chemstewards Roundtables have provided our company with great insight on what the industry is expecting or doing with the employees at the floor level. A wide range of topics and ideas were discussed from safety to (key performance indicators) KPIs.

Randy Dieckman
Plant Manager, Hampford Research Inc.