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Ashland HydroSheer™ II technology solves skin care formulation challenge and wins the Beiersdorf Innovation Pitch award

WILMINGTON, DE - Manufacturers of personal care products continually search for new innovations to improve the performance and aesthetics of skin care creams. Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), now offers HydroSheer™ II formulation technology, a system designed to modify emulsion behavior in such a way that finished lotions appear clear or virtually clear during rubout on wet skin. Solving a long-standing formulation challenge, Ashland won the first ever Beiersdorf Innovation Pitch award at the in-cosmetics trade show in Hamburg, Germany.

Ashland's HydroSheer II technology takes into account a number of formulation variables required to produce stable creams and lotions that apply clear on wet skin, including the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance or HLB. The featured ingredients are Escalol™ UV filters for SPF protection and Prolipid lamellar gel for smooth feel, application uniformity and formulation stability.

Accepting the award for Ashland Specialty Ingredients was Anna A. Gripp, global marketing leader for sun care, Ashland Specialty Ingredients; Hani Fares, senior director - skin care, Ashland Specialty Ingredients; and Dr. Alexander Wendt, strategic account manager, Ashland Specialty Ingredients.

"In designing a system that matches the unique lamellar organization of skin's lipids, and other requirements, we are meeting a consumer need for creams and lotions that perform better on a number of levels," said Anna Gripp. "HydroSheer II formulation technology may change the way skin care emulsions are made and sold."

"Manufacturers of skin care emulsions wanted a system that worked better, more efficiently and more simply than anything in the marketplace," said Hani Fares. "A series of investigations pointed us toward a solution that we call HydroSheer II formulation technology.

"Once we understood all of the components of the problem, the solution had become obvious. We are pleased to present a major game-changing innovation with HydroSheer II formulation technology."

Previously, Ashland commercialized its HydroSheer formulation technology for spray and gel form products, providing formulators the option to produce sunscreen products with water-resistant films miscible in water.


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