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The SOCMA Pavilion is back at Chemspec Europe 2019 in Messe Basel, Switzerland on June 26-27, 2019.

In today’s global economy, having a strong presence in the international market is invaluable to all chemical manufacturers, especially those in the specialty chemical sector. For more than 20 years, SOCMA has optimized its presence at Chemspec Europe to help members network with others in the international chemical industry and establish their businesses as key players in the worldwide economy.

This year, we have ten members exhibiting under the SOCMA Pavilion at Chemspec Europe located in booths A50 and B36. Learn more about our exhibiting member companies below. For additional information, contact Sandra Lehrer at

Aceto Corporation, founded in 1947, is an international marketing, sales and distribution company organized into three business segments. 

Human Health: Finished Dosage Form Generics, Nutritionals
Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
Performance Chemicals: Specialty Chemicals, Agricultural Protection Products

Aceto functions as a virtual manufacturing company, distributing more than 1,100 chemical compounds used principally as raw materials or finished products. With business operations in nine countries, Aceto's global reach is distinctive in the industry, enabling the Company to source and supply quality products on a worldwide basis. Leveraging local professionals, Aceto sources more than two-thirds of its products from Asia, buying from approximately 500 companies in China and 200 in India. Aceto partners with customers during the product development process, creating new applications for existing products, as well as new product sourcing opportunities. We offer solutions for product and production challenges, while assisting with quality assurance, government approvals and compliance. All of these value-added services allow Aceto's customers to be more responsive to their end use customers and more competitive in the global marketplace.

Athlon Solutions, which was founded in 2013 and acquired by Multi-Chem Group, LLC (Halliburton) in 2018, is one of the fastest growing custom manufacturers and tollers of specialty chemicals in the United States. The strategic locations of our world-class manufacturing facilities on the U.S. Gulf Coast (in the heart of the ‘Petrochemical Corridor’) and in Saudi Arabia combined with our knowledgeable and dedicated workforce, allow us to get products to market quickly and efficiently.

Our team of engineers, chemists, and operators are experienced at processing a variety of custom flammable blends, as well as developing and processing sophisticated, multi-step reactions, including Ethylene and Propylene Oxide chemistries.  We also offer a wide range of ‘pilot’ vessels to assist in the successful commercialization of our customer’s products.

To learn more about Athlon’s broad manufacturing capabilities and the many industries we serve, visit

Callery is the world's leading expert in boranes, alkali metal alkoxides and HMDS bases. The Callery company is headquartered in Evans City, Pennsylvania where it was founded more than 75 years ago. 

Callery site operations are specifically engineered to support the production, packaging and shipping of highly energetic, air sensitive and pyrophoric compounds. Having the full range of bench scale to commercial capabilities ensures that Callery is flexible and able to react to the growing needs of our customers.  Today, Callery produces over 50 different products which enable chemistries used in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, agrochemicals, fine chemicals for liquid crystal displays (LCD), and organic light emitting diodes (OLED). In addition, Callery's products are used in the process to produce olefins, organometallic chemicals, synthetic styrene-butadiene rubber (sSBR) for tires, specialty coatings and surface treatment, waste water treatment, and low energy surface adhesives (LESA).

Digital Specialty Chemicals (DSC), an Entegris company, based in Toronto, Canada, develops and manufactures high-quality organophosphorus and organometallic chemicals for the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and electronic-materials markets. DSC’s product line includes chiral and achiral phosphine ligands (including Buchwalds) for homogeneous catalysis, phosphorylating and other reagents plus challenging organometallics, available from kilogram to metric ton quantities. DSC offers custom manufacturing services, with focus on air, moisture and heat sensitives.

For decades, FAR Chemical has been a trusted, producer of fine and specialty chemicals. Our business includes specialty products, custom intermediates, and contract manufacturing. The products we manufacture range from simple building blocks to finished product formulations to complex high-performance polymers. Our deep expertise in organic chemistry, process development, and multi-step synthesis enable us to work with customers from early stage commercialization through commercial-scale manufacturing. We specialize and excel at taking challenging chemistry up through multi-ton scale. Our Palm Bay, FL facility is ISO 9001:2015-certified, and our Bound Brook, NJ facility is ISO 9001:2015, cGMP, as well as DEA and FDA-inspected.

GFS Chemicals is a Columbus, OH, USA based manufacturer of specialty and fine chemicals serving customers worldwide since 1928. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, GFS’ capability to produce specialty alkynes and olefins, pharmaceutical building blocks, trace metal salts and solutions, low moisture/anhydrous salts, and specialty rare earth salts and solutions makes GFS a preferred partner for organizations across an array of industries. GFS’ staff works hand-in-hand with customers during the development and commercialization processes of new chemical technologies. For 90 years, GFS‘ aptitude and trustworthiness have empowered its customers with the confidence to bring new products to market. Learn more at

Founded in 1977, Nation Ford Chemical is one of America’s most respected custom and toll manufacturers of specialty organic chemicals. The family-owned company specializes in the production of a variety of organic intermediates, polymers and colorants for a broad range of customers worldwide.

At Nation Ford Chemical (NFC), the team members take pride in delivering high quality products at a reasonable cost. For over 40 years, NFC has been known for its ability to outpace other companies by reducing the lead times necessary to bring new chemicals into production. Our customer-centered approach to contract manufacturing means we deliver the product you need when you need it.

Chemical production is based at our 28-acre site in Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA. NFC’s product lines include Sulfanilic Acid (CAS#121-57-3) and PANA (N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine, CAS#90-30-2) and are sold globally.  The company web-site is

Optima Chemical, based across two US sites, provides specialty chemicals, toll and custom manufacturing to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, catalyst, F&F, electronics, bioscience and specialty chemicals markets. In addition to being a leading Global supplier of Boronic Acids, we are a full-service Contract/Custom synthesis manufacturer offering services from the bench through to 5,000 gallon commercial scale reactors. 

Our expertise resides in Organometallic reactions including Grignard, alkali metal, organophosphorus, and other water/oxygen sensitive chemistries. We utilize Bioprocessing technology including Biomass Extraction to support Bioscience/Life Science Industries.

Optima is Chemstewards Tier III facitlity, exemplifying excellence in safety, health, environmental controls and security. 


PHT International is a leading CMO for chemicals in the Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and Industrial sectors. Founded in 1993, PHT builds partnerships with leading brands through a commitment to integrity, solving problems and lasting relationships.

Offering R&D, logistics, procurement, QA & regulatory compliance, ownership in plants and joint relationships in strategic geographic areas position PHT is the trusted partner serving a global market.

PHT delivers consistent, high-quality chemistries and provides custom manufacturing of APIs, advanced intermediates, and specialty chemicals.  With our own manufacturing facility, Sancus Arc BioChem, a dedication to the most rigorous quality standards, and a network of international partnerships, PHT bridges in-house expertise with global standards to manufacture the best solutions for your business.

PHT is on the forefront of new manufacturing technology with the pursuit of green chemistry. Green chemistry produces chemicals with no solvent and little waste. In partnership with ACS H.C. Brown Award recipient, Professor Bruce Lipshutz, PHT has the exclusive commercial license for green chemistry.

Founded in 1961, Polysciences Inc. is a global chemical manufacturer that serves the medical device, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and high-tech industrial markets. Polysciences is headquartered in Warrington, PA and has operations in Europe and Asia. Polysciences’ standard offering includes thousands of monomers, polymers, diagnostic stains, and support reagents that enable research and development across a wide range of applications. Our team of R&D chemists, production chemists, and engineers are experienced in transforming ideas in to custom chemical products. In addition, Polysciences provides contract manufacturing and filling services that support commercialization of customer-developed materials. All of our products are manufactured in a FDA registered facility under an ISO 13485 quality system. Polysciences’ GMP manufacturing suites and process validation expertise make us an ideal partner for developing and manufacturing regulated chemical materials. For more information, please visit our website:

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